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Here you can see how much your cat needs to eat daily. Divide this amount in either 2 or 3 portions per day.

Cats need to eat a certain percentage of their body weight daily.

Healthy weight : 3% of body weight

Overweight: 2% of body weight

Under weight: 4% of body weight

Pregnant/lactating: 8% of body weight

Kittens (8-12 weeks): 8% of body weight

Kittens(12weeks-1 year): 4% of body weight

(but don't limit kittens if they are still hungry, they need lots of food to grow and every kitten is different)

I like to work with grams, so divide your cats weight by 2.2, times it by 1000 and then times that by the right percentage.

(ex. 10lbs : 2.2 x 1000 x 0.03)

Adult cat : 1+ years

A cat is a kitten from 0-1 years. In this time period they will eat a lot. Do not limit them since this might slow down their growth.

Feed them 3 times a day minimum till they are 6 months old (after you can switch to 2 times). Some kittens like to eat smaller portions at a time and would prefer 5 feedings a day. Of course not everyone can do this, so 3 is fine as well. Just make sure not to leave the raw food out!

Pregnant and lactating cats need lots of food for their kittens growth and milk production. A 10lbs pregnant or lactating cat would need 363g of raw food a day. (10 : 2.2 x 1000 x 0.08)