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Kitten pricing

We love our cats and their kittens. We put a lot of care in each cat and kitten. They get fed a high quality RAW diet, have too many toys and beds and live a daily household life. Also, they have a self-build cat wall to play and sleep on. Not all breeders put this much care in their cattery, but we do. A good cattery has little to no profit, especially for the first 3 years, because all the money goes right back into the cattery. We perform all kinds of health tests on our cats and never take risks.

Next to that, we want to develop our cattery this way that we only breed the best cats. We will never breed with cats we know have any issues or health problems.

Last, we spay/neuter your kitten before he or she comes home with you and give them their second pair of shots. Something that not all breeders do and you will have to pay yourself a couple weeks after you bring your kitten home.

Your kitten

Your kitten price will range between $1800 and $2200 as a pet depending on his or her looks and quality.

If you adopt two kittens, you will get a $200 dollar discount on your second kitten. We want to encourage adopting two, because it is very important for a cat to have a friend for life!


If you are interested in adopting a kitten for your breeding program, please contact us.

If shipping is required, this is not included into the price.

We only personally ship, so no cargo. We find the kittens too young for this and they would go trough a lot of stress.


For exact pet prices, please contact us and we will give you an exact price of each kitten.

For breeding kittens, the exact price will be determined when the kitten is about six weeks old.