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It will be fun, they said....

There is quite a lot to learn when it comes to taking care of your cat. Owners (and breeders) walk into lots of issues with their cats and sometimes this can be really hard. The most common issues are related to behaviour or food. Most of the times these issues are easily fixable, but we just need to know how.

Also, lots of owners are not sure what to feed their cat.  I will help you to make the right decision.

I hope with the information I'm about to write down, your household will be in harmony again soon and your cat will be happy and healthy. Or, if you just want to be prepared for your future kitten, you are very very smart. ;)

The subjects that I will discuss here are the following:

1.Introducing your new kitten to your other cat(s)

2.Feeding your cat Raw food vs processed food

3.Unwanted scratching on furniture

4.Biting and scratching owner

5.Litter box problems

6.Urine markings (when neutered/spayed)

7.Throwing up after eating


Articles are still in progress.... They will arrive soon !