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On February 11 2020 3 beautiful kittens were born. Unfortunately it didn't go as we wished and we are sad to say we lost our beautiful princess Vulpix after her C-section... Vulpix, you will always be in our hearts. 

Since then, we've been very busy raising these 3 angels by hand. They are doing very very well and are the most affectionate kittens. They have gorgeous patterns like their mom.. If you are looking for a lap kitten, you're at the right place!

2 kittens are still available. (males).


Litter: Vulpix x Charmander 

Smalls (male) $2000 AVAILABLE

Smalls is the sweetest little boy that will grow big and strong like his dad. His pattern is super clear and he has deep black spots. He has the cutest face and eyes. Everything about him melts your heart. 

 Biggie (male) $2000 AVAILABLE 

Biggie is a big kitty with a big character. He loves to play and to sit on your lap. He loves to hang out on your shoulder as well and see the world from there. He has a beautiful light brown coat with a pattern just like his mom. Biggie is a stunner. 

Lady (female) RESERVED 

Oh yes, lady is the cutie of the litter, with a very calm character but does want all the snuggles available. She has gorgeous small spots on a light brown background. She's a princess, like her mom. 

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